We accept Paypal & Bank transfer (T.T) currently just accept these 2 ways of payment methods.

A Paypal

Our website positively supports Paypal Online Paying Method. After you finish shopping on our website, it will guide you to Paypal’s platform. Moreover, the whole process is carried on Paypal’s website, all of your information will be safely protected. Our website only keeps your purchasing records and shipping address.

Our verify Paypal account is:


 a, Please kindly fill in as much information as possible (such as PN number, product name, etc) under “Note” on Paypal transaction form. 

 b, Please confirm the shipping address the same as on your Paypal account. 

We will send the product(s) to you within 2-3 business days after we’ve confirmed your payment. If your address is unconfirmed, we need to hold 7-14 days to verify from Paypal.

B, Bank transfer (T.T)

Our business CITIHKHX Bank account info as below:

SWIFT/BIC Code CITIHKHX (CITIHKHXXXX * If 11 characters are required)
Account Number 705008052
Account Name Shenzhen Acar auto electronics co.,ltd
Bank Name Citibank N.A., Hong Kong Branch
Bank Address 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
Country/Region Hong Kong
Type of Account Business Account
Bank Code 6
Branch Code 391 *If paying from Hong Kong banks
Remark For the payment of goods, please make a SWIFT(T/T) or CHATS(HK Local) Payment

Generally, it will take 3-5 days for us to confirm your payment. We will keep you informed about the status and will arrange shipment for you within 2-3 business days after we’ve confirmed the payment.
a. Please request the bank teller to include the relevant information (e.g. your name and PN number) for our reference.

b. After you done the payment, please send us the receipt by email, with your information: payment amount, date, shipping address & TEL.

c. For Bank transfer(T.T), we will ONLY be responsible for the bank charge of Hong Kong Side, thank you for your kind attention. 

 After you finish the shopping, you will see CITIHKHX Bank bank information on the site.

About the bank charge

 If you pay the order via Bank transfer ( T.T ), bank charge may be caused depending on the bank you have chosen. In such a case, this fee would be responsible for your side. Our price doesn’t include it. So please consider which method and which bank you should use before payment. Thanks! (In a normal situation, the bank fee is about USD35)

C, Pay with confidence

A, Our company has registered under the provisions of the Business Registration Ordinance (Hong Kong) & China. 

B, Our Paypal account is verified.

C, We have been in this line over 10 years and to be a 4 years Golden member of Amazon.

D, We have a lot of resellers and dealers in most of the countries, if you like, you can also buy the products from dealers.

 The whole shopping process is secure and reliable. You could enjoy your shopping with more confidence.