! !Audi R8 Android head unit 







After 6 months of hard work, ACARNAVI audi R8 Android raido  finally developed successfully

Android 9.0 HD touch screen

  • Rock chip Android 9.0 system
  • 4gb ram 64gb rom
  • 1280*720 HD resolution
  • IPS screen 
  • Touch screen And button conduct

Work orginal Audi R8 functiom

  • In line with the original car style, no gaps

  • Work original radio, back view camera, steering wheel control.
  • Plug and play no damage of original cables or frame.

Custom Installations

  • Built in wireless carplay
  • With DSP
  • With Wifi
  • With bluetooth
  • Work Android and OEM navigations
  • 1080p HD back view camera

Audi R8 first mock up sampe

When we first posted the picture of the handboard to the group, it won a lot of people’s love and many of them couldn’t wait to put it on their cars.  Of course, we also received a lot of criticism.

Audi R8 Android head unit Initial installation test

Through the unremitting efforts of our team, we repeatedly modified the software and mold for many times. It took nearly 6 months to complete the development of the product and successfully installed and tested it.

R8 Android radio A successful product will be accepted by the market

As expected, we finally completed the development of the Audi R8 Android navigation. It is designed to fit the style of the original car, the installation is  plug and play.  Its powerful Android operating system will give Audi R8 owners a great experience. CarPlay is also built in it, you can listen to the most popular music and watch 2K HD videos in the car. In short, the R8 Android navigation will give you really good modern and technological experience

Prduct review

Left hand drive

Right hand drive

Back side

Compare with OEM screen

wire and cables

Effect of installation


We put a lot of effort into the development of Audi R8 Android.We would like to thank all the colleagues who contributed to the project, especially JackWang, the project leader of ZM, and Mr. Wang, the engineer, for their contribution to the development of R8 Android navigation. We would also like to thank the software vendor for their support and all the customers for their support and suggestions.

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